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A little introduction....

I'm 16, I go to Redford Union High School (affectionately referred to as R.U. High,) I play trumpet, and my name's Christine.

My favorite piece of music is John Barnes Chance's Variations on a Korean Folk Song. We played it in symphonic band last year, and even though I had difficulty playing it, it was still an awesome song...I would LOVE to do it for our show next year, but it's not going to happen.

I'm excited about the upcoming season, and the summer...I'm going to an invitational only type workshop at MSU-well you learn the show there, and perform at U. of M.-but it's going to rock. It's from July 21-23, and I have to say, I'm looking forward to it. :).

I feel special, but I should have known it'd be ok, because I was section leader in the band, and I get really pumped about marching band, I'm just less excited about class
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Hahaha, our high school is Portage Northern and we're affectionately referred to as PorNo.

We did a JBC piece recently. At our last performance (our school hosted festival) we played Incantation and Dance by John Barnes Chance. Fun stuff.
That's awesome. :)

We've played that one too. And I love both of them, but Variations was my favorite, and they made a whole marching band arrangement, with both pieces on it, and it's soooo awesome. :) I'm just a huge marching band
Oh that's okay, I'm such a marching band nerd!! We did a show called Metamorphosis and it had Hindemith Symphony, Medea's Dance of Vengeance (so freakin' cool), Adagio for Strings (well, Adagio for Bands lol), and March from Symphonic Metamorphosis also by Hindemith. It was so awesome.