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State Festival

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My grandma was being a parasite again, so I had to wait an hour to post this. In the meantime, I watched the birds and bunnies in the yard and practiced cornet. A good waste of my damned morning. Anyhow, I'm still giddy!

I’ll start from the beginning. Daka was to pick me up from school, but she left with her sister. I called my mum (I need to remember to always keep my mouth shut; I’ve been reminding myself of this almost every day) about my being-stuck-at-schoolness so she had to leave work and cancel folks to come do something. She was rightfully pissed. Daka and Rasa came back. It turned out they’d only left to pick up the car. So off to the Daka-house we went. I went and played with her dad’s guitar, then she played that one Cold Play song and some other hooha till we decided it was time for fooding. I got my reed out to soak whilst we were about to leave. Daka was ranting about our crappy uniforms, and pointed out that there was an extra line to the staff. “See, F…A…C…E…Q! I play in the key of Q!” and such annoyed gleefulness. Our band uniforms also have a violin on them.

We got to school not late, but just on time. My saxophone was stored under the bus, but I’d felt something was wrong. Only when I’d situated myself in my brilliant window seat, next to that one horn player with whom I’ve an acquaintance, did I realize that my reed was still in my mouth. Yes, silly Tani indeed. The first chair horn player was late, but we still arrived on time. We had one of those nice busses-somehow, they’d been able to get one cheap. During the ride there, we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Some folks were just obsessed with it. Anyhoo.
Movie: My cousins have two volumes: loud and louder.
Band Director Guy: Kinda like some bands.

Then in the coat room, I put my reed away for a reason unbeknownst to me, then almost used another reed (a 2 ½) instead. The lack of stands in the warm up room never fails to irk people. That time seemed to go by rather quickly, but we lined up for performance early. Rather, the band before us was running over time. So we were allowed to sit. The beri (sax) and one of our tenors were bickering on how beri’s saxophone was bigger than her. She was sitting down with it. Twas rather cute. “But it’s my baybee!” Sorry for the misspelling. I hang around childfree too much. Anyhow, twas a real Kodak moment. Then when we had to leave at last, she couldn’t even get up because of it. Quite amusing.

We did alright on our concert pieces. It turned out only 3 trumpets had come. Times like this make me kind of wish I had switched to cornet, as we only have 5 trumpets to begin with, anyways…but I really do suck. Not as much as before, though! Squee!

In sight reading, we knew the march, but had to play it anyhow, getting judged harder since we knew it, methinks. The overture wasn’t particularly easy. It had a good amount of 16ths, which I loath (on winds, at least. They’re fun on piano. Not on winds. Well, not when you’ve not seen them before, anyhow). My grandpa came, but didn’t stay after the sight reading to find out our scores or buy me things. But the Daka dad bought me some pop. Yay. Down with soda!

Getting the scores took forever, as usual. Pentwater High School band got straight ones. I know their director guy; he led the Wind Ensemble at me band camp. He’s very much the spiffin’s, and I’d kind of expected them to do well. Hadn’t known they were a D class, though. Mine’s a C. Three trumpets, no bassoon. One can verily tell. Daka wanted to pummel random pedestrians with something, and grabbed for my cornet mouthpiece, which I’d brought along. I didn’t let ‘er, o’ course. I did swing it in her direction a few times, though. Pummel! Yay. I gave my cornet, Pudding, and its mouthpiece, Strife, formal names: Chrysomele and Chrysothele. Scores came up. We had the exact same as the band before us (Parchment HS): straight ones for performance, 2 for sight reading. Before Parchment, a few bands had gotten straight two’s, then Pentwater and East Grand Rapids got straight ones; our orchestra got the same score as our band, and our middle school band is going next Friday (tis probably same for the MS orchestra).

So on the bus, the more specific scores were announced. Judge 1 gave us all A’s, Judge 2 gave us (grr) 3 A-‘s and 2 B’s, and Judge 3 didn’t love us enough to give us his comment sheet. In sight reading we got 1 A and 4 B’s. Not nearly as good as last year. No matter. Now we can stop worrying about it and focus on our May concert pieces. Finally. They’re spiffy. Lord of the Rings, West Side Story, Die Meistersinger…that might be it. Our concert is with the MS and Jazz bands as well. Whee.

Well, we still got a 1. :D

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